The stone pine


The stone pine is a very showy tree which is characterized by an umbrella formed leafage. It is widely found in most of the Italian country side, expecially near the sea, where it finds optimal conditions for its growth and development. In the whole Maremma Toscana one can easily find it near the coast, where it confers a further touch to this unique and picturesque landscape.


It is quite common also in the Tuscan hills - up to 700 metres- where it is fonud lining country roads or interspersed with the vegetation. Since ancient times it has been a repeated subject for painters and artists, so we see it quite frequently in old pictures and in other works of art. The "Pinus Pinea"- this is its scientific denomination- has been cultivated for centuries, expecially in sandy soils, often replacing other native plants or draining marshy regions.


The stone pine area encompasses nearly all the countries which border the Mediterranean Sea, from Portugal to Anatolia and to the Crimea - on the Black Sea; South, one can find it in Algeria, Tunisia, and occasionally on the Canary Islands. In France it is cultivated only for ornamental purposes.


Its small seeds (called in Italian "pinoli" or "pinocchi") are enclosed in very hard shells that are covered with a black-purple powder; they have an oblong shape and a wonderful, particularly delicate test, which is the reason for their widespread cultivation.
They are normally used in pastry-making and confectionary, and they were well known to the ancient Romans, who used them when they were still green to flavour cheese and other dishes. Marcus Apicius, a fomous gastronomist of the Empire, recommended them in sauces for chicken and for staffing hares.
Pine-kernels contein 45 per cent of sweet oil, 30 per cent of albuminoid substances, and 5 per cent of sugar; so they are very nourishing.
In addition, ancient medicine attributed to them great curative properties, expecially for consumption and lung illness in general. According to the Arabs they are hihgly aphrodisiac.


Our firm "Lavorazione Pinoli Snc" guarantees that all its products are not genetically modified, since we use only pine-cones from trees which grow naturally,
namely they are not cultivated.

The pine-kernel


For more than thirty years our firm has been involved with the production and uses of pine-kernels.