The pine-kernel


For more than thirty years our firm has been involved with the production and uses of pine-kernels. The pine-cones, from which we obtain them, come only from trees which grow naturally in our region, or are bought from others Italian producers who also take care about their place of origin.


Our forefathers had been occupied with the production and uses of pine-kernels in the beginning of the last century. They used rudimentary instruments which were used also for many others types of handiworks; nevertheless they took care about the quality of their products as we do today.


The pine-cone harvesting takes place in a period which lasts from November till April- May, namely when the fruit is still "closed".


Later on in summer time, we put the pine-cones in the sun in our courtyards and fields until they dry and open; then we take the pine-kernels out through a special milling-process.


After this stage, the pine-kernels, which are still in their hard shells, are cracked, washed, selected and cleaned from any impurities - such as small splinters of shell and yellow pine-kernels.


At this point they are ready for selling - in packages from 25 Kg. and more. It is important to remark that in working with our pine-kernals, we do not use any kind of chemical products which might alter their properties, as we take care to preserve their physical and chemical characteristics, as well their taste and flavour.


Our firm occupies itself also with the selling of several by-products, such as pine-cones and pine-kernel shells which can be used for industrial burners or domestic heating.
We recommend the use of pine-cones as fuel for bread-making ovens because the smoke imparts a fragrant flavour to the bread.


Our firm "Lavorazione Pinoli Snc" guarantees that all its products are not genetically modified, since we use only pine-cones from trees which grow naturally, namely they are not cultivated.


The pine-kernel harvesting takes place in a natural and unaltered environment (commencing from our pine-cone woods, where pruning is the only human intervention, until the last stage of working), we always follow traditional systems which ensure a natural final product, without any O.M.G. (Genetically Modified Organism).


In our working departments, pine-kernels are submitted to following operations: washing, selecting and drying.


The firm "Lavorazione Pinoli Snc" guarantees therefore that all its products are obtained in conformity to current hygiene rules and, most importantly, according to the experience of a century old tradition which makes our product much in demand in foreign markets.



The stone pine


The stone pine is a very showy tree which is characterized by an umbrella formed leafage. It is widely found in most of the Italian country side, expecially near the sea, where it finds optimal conditions for its
growth and development.



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